Advice on Coronavirus


As you are aware the Coronavirus pandemic continues and as such restrictions apply across many parts of society currently.

The NHS response is aimed at minimising risk, preserving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies and preventing harm to patients and NHS staff.

To protect everyone, walk-in access to GP surgeries is currently being restricted to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Following advice from NHS England and Birmingham & Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group, the primary method for patients to currently access the surgery will be virtual appointments (telephone/video) in the first instance followed by face to face consultations at selected MMP surgeries in a controlled manner.

We are currently following a system that has been advised by Birmingham & Solihull CCG based on a Red, Amber, Purple, Green site structure.

  • All MMP surgeries are OPEN for your health care needs. The way in which you can access us has changed. This is to keep you safe and ensure we can continue to deliver all your healthcare needs throughout this period. All your requests for healthcare appointments are now being triaged over the phone/video and assessed by a clinician as to the safest and most appropriate way to provide your healthcare needs . We offer telephone appointments, video consultations and face to face appointments. The surgery where your face to face appointment may take place has changed so we can maintain high levels of infection control, keeping you and our staff safe. We ask you only to attend a site with a pre-booked appointment wearing a face covering and follow instructions at the entrance where your temperature will be checked and a few simple questions are asked.
  • Red Sites – This is where patients who have COVID-19 symptoms will be invited for an assessment. There are 7 sites across Birmingham & Solihull CCG covering all localities.The North locality Red site is based at Northcroft on Slade Road in Erdington and operated by Badger on behalf of MMP North PCN surgeries. The Central locality Red site is based at Greet Medical Practice on Percy Road in Greet and operated by Smartcare Federation on behalf of MMP Central PCN surgeries. Access to Red sites will be in a controlled manner.
  • Amber Sites – This is where patients who have NON COVID-19 symptoms will be invited for a face to face assessment after a virtual consultation with a GP who then agrees a face to face assessment is clinically necessary. MMP Eaton Wood Medical Centre is the Amber site for the North MMP PCN surgeries and MMP All Saints Medical Centre is the Amber site for the Central MMP PCN surgeries. Access to Amber sites will be in a controlled manner.
  • Purple Sites – This is for Non-urgent routine care which will be coordinated centrally and patients will be invited to attend. This type of care includes baby checks, immunisations, flu vaccine, smears, blood tests, wound dressings, B12 injections and other nursing care. MMP Eaton Wood Medical Centre and MMP Erdington Medical Centre are the Purple sites for the MMP North PCN surgeries. MMP All Saints Medical Centre and MMP Old Priory Surgery are the purple sites for the MMP Central PCN surgeries. Access to Purple sites will be in a controlled manner.
  • Green Sites – At these sites there is currently no direct patient access in order to protect patients and staff. All staff at Green sites are working to meet the needs of MMP patients by virtual appointments (telephone/video), and if a face to face consultation is considered necessary by the GP you will be invited to attend either a Red, Amber or Purple site based on the clinical assessment. The following MMP surgeries are currently Green sites:
  • MMP High Street Surgery
  • MMP Jockey Road Medical Centre
  • MMP Kingsmount Medical Centre
  • MMP Dudley Park Medical Centre
  • MMP Stratford House Surgery
  • MMP Broadmeadow Health Centre
  • This system of access will remain for the coming months and is likely to remain in place till at least Spring/Summer 2021.
  • MMP appreciates this current system of access may cause some difficulties. We want to keep you safe and we ask you to work together with our dedicated MMP staff to allow this to happen, we appreciate your help during the pandemic by adopting this CCG colour coded access system.

For prescriptions please ensure you have nominated a pharmacy for electronic prescriptions. This can be done either at the pharmacy of your choice or by the surgery via phone.

If you have any questions please contact your local Site Lead Officer or e-mail .

For more information regarding Coronavirus please visit: